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Jefferson Golf Outing Rules

1. Unless noted in specific outings the tees used are:


             Men - Red Tees      Women - Yellow Tees    Men 70+ - Blue Tees


2. Medal Play ties will be settled in sudden death playoff starting at hole #9 and proceed from there (until finished) to #5, #8, #9, #1, #2, #3, #4 etc...


3.  For best shot tiebreakers, handicap holes starting with #1 handicap hole and going back will be used (1, 2, 3, 4 etc..)  Being this is a 9 hole course this would mean Hole #4 the 1st round is handicap #1 and hole #4 the 2nd round is handicap #2.


4. For best shots 2-putt rule is always in effect unless noted.  This mean when you are on the green take 1 putt and then pick up.  There should be no 3-putting from the green.


5. For medal play ball must always be holed out (no giving putts)


6. USGA rules govern play.  Winter Rules for all tournaments unless noted.  Best shots the ball may be moved 1 club length.  Must always keep in same condition (can't move ball from rough to fairway or fairway to green  or sand to fairway).


7.  Rangefinders/GPS are allowed


8. Following play, scorecards need to be turned into golf shop counter ASAP.  Hole by hole needs to be correct (not the total) and an incorrect score will be automatically disqualified.  


9. Outing Director has final call on any ruling.  When in doubt on the course, call provisional and play 2 balls from that position and then ask!


10.  Have fun you are playing golf instead of working!!

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