JCGC Survivor Invitational

Sunday, June 17th @ 9am


Cost is $40 per person

Event is Invite only and you may apply to play in Pro Shop.

24 golfers will be paired up into 4 groups of 6.  Each group will start on hole #1 and play the hole within their group (and then go to the next).  After all 24 players have played a hole, the player(s) with the highest score on that hole will receive an X (If multiple players tie with the worst score each will receive an X).  Once a player gets 3 X's they are out of the game.  Play will be paused periodically to let golfers catch up once there are several X's out.  Groups will then be combined until we are down to 1 group of 6.  


Any ties (multiple players going out on the same hole) will be broken w/ a chip-off on hole #9.  

The top 6 will be receive prizes.  The other 18 will be placed in a drawing for 6 more prizes.  50% of the field (12 of 24) will win.

Questions? Email Micah:      destivalgolf@pga.com