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2021 Private Lesson Rates with Micah Destival, PGA

Adult Private Lessons - $40 per lesson (1 hour )

High School/Juniors - $20 per lesson (1 hour )



The lesson time is yours to work on what you would like.  This can include anything from full-swing, chipping, putting to on-course playing.



My Teaching Philosophy

I am a believer that having a great setup is the foundation for creating better results.  A great setup involves proper grip, grip pressure, posture, ball position and alignment.  I think understanding the basic fundamentals of golf will lead you to enjoying the game more and playing better golf.  


I personalize each lesson based on how each person swings as no one swings the same.  It is my goal to make each student better by addressing their unique swing faults and to provide them with a plan for improvement based on their time constraints and level of commitment.  


There is nothing I enjoy more than watching a student reach their goals no matter how big or small those goals may be!  Whether its getting your first birdie, making the high school golf team, becoming a single digit handicap or playing college golf I am 100% committed to help you get there!