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Course Layout and Hole Descriptions

Hole #1  Par 5

535 - 508 - 410 - 401

A par 5 slight dogleg left is the first test of your round.  Longer hitters can reach in 2 with a drive in the fairway.  A gradual slope starts around 100 yards out so play your layup shot accordingly unless you want an uneven stance and lie.  A bunker left of the green collects many misses from those going for the green in 2.  Hole #1 offers an excellent chance to start off with a birdie but double bogeys await those who hit it in the trees!

Hole #2  Par 3

171 - 155 - 142 - 132

The first of 2 par 3's can offer golfers anything between a PW to a Hybrid depending on the tee, hole location and wind direction.  Missing the green short is a much easier up and down than left/right or long as the small elevated green can test your short game early in the round!  

Hole #3  Par 4

341 - 335 - 322 - 304/225

Hole #3 is one of the best birdie opportunities on the course.  Long hitters can drive the green, but can leave an awkward 2nd shot if not accomplished. Golfers beware of getting too close to the green off the tee as many 2nd shots end up rolling off the back due to firmness and slope of the green!  The fairway starts to narrow at the 100 marker and a bunker on the front right of the green will swallow an errant 2nd shot. 

Hole #4  Par 4

400 - 382 - 341 - 330

Hole #4 is the #1 handicap hole which can play fairly straight to a severe dogleg right based on tee location.  A left to right moving tee is the favorable ball flight and finding the fairway is crucial with trees lining both sides making it difficult to have an open approach shot to the green.  The slightly elevated green sits at a angle requiring a precise shot to reach hole locations on the right.  Par is a great score!

Hole #5  Par 3

170 - 157 - 105 - 99

There's not much bailout room on this par 3 as you look down from the top of the hill to a deep, but narrow green and a bunker on the left.  The green is 30 yds in length giving golfers a variety of distances which makes club selection is very important.  Experienced golfers know that playing the ball off the hill on the left can be the easiest way to put the ball on the back of the green.  Take your 3 and head to the next.

Hole #6  Par 4

386 - 363 - 358 - 354

Jefferson's version of the "Road Hole" works its way South against Hwy 4.  Golfers tee off from 2 different elevated tees to a fairway that gently works right to left at the 150 marker.  The view from the Championship tee offers golfers a spectacular view of the area.  Long hitters need to navigate the fairway bunker on the right.  A greenside bunker on the right and an elevated green makes this a hole to hit in regulation.  

Hole #7  Par 4

350 - 340 - 320 - 304

Let the shaft out on this straight par 4! The green is elevated and has a back tier.  Going over the green with a back pin is not an option because of the slope of the back tier.  Putting can be an adventure depending on your location!

Hole #8  Par 4

385 - 375 - 365 -343

Hole #8 is a straight par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway.  An accurate drive is a must unless you want to be chipping back out into the fairway.  The green is fairly flat, but don't go long as the backside slopes down into a lateral hazard!   

Hole #9  Par 5

480 - 453 - 441 - 392

The finishing par 5 offers golfers a chance to pick up 1 or even 2 strokes on the competition with a well struck tee shot.  Long hitter may be hitting a mid iron to this uphill green that slopes from back to front.  Experience players know to not hit it past the hole if they can help it as you'll be facing the quickest putt/chip on the course!  Many tournaments have been won/lost because of the tricky slope of the green.  

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